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At the beginning of each athletic season all AYG student-athletes will be issued an AYG purchased uniform for his/her team. Uniforms are the property of the organization and are lent to each player for the duration of the season. While in their possession athletes must take proper care of the uniform and equipment.

Uniform Guidelines

  • Only wear the uniform at AYG functions/games/practices.

  • Keep the uniform in a safe place and do not allow others to wear it. If the uniform is damaged, lost, or ruined, it is the responsibility of the athlete and his/her family to buy a new one. Uniforms are approximately $100.00 USD. If there is a possibility that your family may move, please return the uniform before doing so.​

  • Each student-athlete is responsible for returning the team issued uniform clean and in good repair, within one week of the conclusion of the season.

  • ​Student-athletes must keep the uniform number they are assigned at the beginning of the season and at no time may they change their uniform with a teammate without permission of the coach.

  • Student-athletes must wash and care for their uniform after each contest. 

  • Please launder uniform according to directions on tag. Wash all uniforms in COLD water. 

  • ​At no time may a student-athlete alter or change the original shape or form of the uniform.

Uniform Assurance Agreement



I hereby agree to accept full responsibility for all the equipment and uniforms issued to above child. If any equipment or uniform is lost or damaged beyond normal wear through our, or our child's negligence, I agree to pay for replacement. I am further aware that if said uniform is not returned within 5 calendar days of the season ending date that AYG Athletics LLC will bill me $100.00 per uniform. If uniform or payment is not received by within 7 days of being billed then said uniform(s) will be considered stolen and legal procedures will be taken in order to recover the equipment or uniform.


Returning of uniforms: All uniforms will be washed and returned in a clean condition. Any uniform not returned in a clean condition will be subject to a $15.00 cleaning fee.


Players who leave during the season are required to hand their uniform in within 1 week of the first missed practice, failure to do so will result in the above adult being charged. 

Terms and Conditions

I have read all the above and fully understand my obligations. I also agree to pay all costs of collection including but not limited to attorney's fees. I also acknowledge that an AYG Team uniform has been issued to me.

Thanks for ordering!

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