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                                                                    The following rules will apply to all refund requests: 

Refund requests may be submitted to the AYG Athletics via email: and will be processed within two (2) weeks.

Refunds can be remitted in the same form as the registration payment was processed or as a credit toward future AYG registrations.

Full refunds are given, without penalty, if AYG Athletics is unable to place the registrant on a team or within the Skills Development Program.
A refund processed during the registration period will be subject to a $35 processing fee per registration refunded.

A refund processed after the registration period ends, but before teams are formed, will be subject to a $35 processing fee and a sport specific uniform fee of $65 if applicable.

A refund processed after teams are formed, but before the first game, will be processed at 50% money back or 100% credit toward future AYG registrations.

No refunds will be processed after the first game of the season other than for circumstances defined below.

No refunds are given on late fees, sponsorships or donations.
AYG will review exceptions to this policy on a case by case basis. 

Credit processes are determined based upon the initial program price.

No cash refunds will be given in exchange for previous credits issued. Once you have received a credit it may only be redeemed as a credit towards future registrations.

                                                               AYG Basketball Season Cancellation Policy:
If AYG is forced to cancel the delivery of the season due to COVID 19 or reasons outside of our control;

AYG's standard cancellation policy applies to cancellation prior to the start of games.

AYG will provide a 50% credit toward a future AYG sports season if cancellation occurs prior to the first schedule game.

AYG will provide a 25% credit toward a future AYG sports season if cancellation occurs after the first game.

There will be no credit issued for any cancellations on or after the 4th game.

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