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Frequently Asked Questions


We are a developmental youth basketball organization with select teams, personal training, and mentorship that provides players from all backgrounds with the opportunity to grow on and off the court.


3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy Ste 329 Grapevine, TX 76051


1301 Wrangler Cir, Coppell, TX 75019


3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy Ste 329 Grapevine, TX 76051


We typically carry 8-12 players on each team.


Local Teams - players will mostly receive equal playing time for each player. However if any of the following instances occur: a game is close down the stretch, a player misses practices, or any other similar instance then this option can always change.

Tournament Teams - Playing time is up to each coach and is based on ability, game situation, work ethic, and practice attendance. In short, playing time is EARNED not GIVEN.

When are practices held?

Most team practices will be held in the evening during the week. Specific times will be announced soon after team selections.


Are payment plans available?



Can I choose my level, team or coach?
Players will compete at the level appropriate to experience and abilities as determined by the AYG Staff.


My son/daughter wants to play at team (tier 2) level but was placed in the training or skills program how can he move up and play at a higher level?

AYG staff will work with individuals to improve their skill sets to possibly make a future team. The goal with all players is to improve skills in a positive atmosphere in hopes they can make there future middle and high school teams.

How much does it cost?
The program has different levels and cost depending on competitive level of team and travel.

What basic fundamentals would my son/daughter have to have to play on a tournament team?

Proficient left and right hand, correct footwork, a good skill set such as defending, shooting, ball-handling, rebounding and passing. Coachability, experience, athleticism, determination, quickness and size also play a factor to determine competitive ability.


Can I request a friend on my team?
You can request a friend with the same skill level and we will try our best to make it a positive experience.

What if my son can't play on Sundays or only wants training?
He can participate in our developmental skills program that also trains during the week. 

How can I become a coach?
AYG is always looking for experienced coaches. Please email us with your background and resume if you are interested.

Does AYG have semi and private training?
Yes! Anyone who participates in AYG can get training. 

If my son makes a team does he have to tryout the next session?
No, once your son makes a team he does not have to tryout again.

Will the teams stay intact each season?
Yes, the core group of kids will stay as a group each session. We will try our best to keep team intact for chemistry and friendships.


What is special about AYG compared to other basketball training courses or other sports camps?

AYG is nationally recognized as one of the best sports training systems in the country. The camps utilize training and coaching techniques developed for developmental teams. In short, the kids who attend our camps learn more and become better players.


Who is this program for? 

Boys and girls ages 6-18 who like playing basketball, who want to play on school or more competitive national basketball teams.

Do the boys and girls practice and play together?

Normally athletes are separated into different groups by age, gender, and skill level but sometimes they may play together.

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